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About Us

Who we are?

We are a global mobile tech company specialized in monetizing content, delivering digital value added services and creating high impact mobile strategies.

What we do?

We leverage our relationships with over 40 mobile network operators around the world to generate new revenue streams for content generators and premium entertainment services for mobile subscribers.

Why we do it?

In a world of more than 5 Billion mobile subscribers we believe that every one of them should have access to great content and services. Our passionate team is constantly looking for new solutions and opportunities in this global context.

Why Opratel


We have been globally working with mobile technology since 2008. Acting in 3 different continents has given us the expertise to generate revenues with different successful strategies around the world.


Smart investment is what makes our company one of the leaders in the region. Our dedicated and experienced team works on simultaneous projects delivering the best results the market has to offer.

Content Factory

Creativity is in our DNA and this enables us to produce, curate and customized content that satisfies our millions of subscribers.


Our large number of direct integrations with the world’s biggest mobile network operators gives our partners the advantage of being present in many regions at once, led by international and local mobile experts.

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  Central America

El Salvador – Costa Rica – Guatemala
Panamá – Nicaragua – Puerto Rico
República Dominicana – Haití

  South America

Argentina - Uruguay - Chile - Paraguay
Bolivia - Perú - Ecuador - Colombia


Tanzani - Kenya - Nigeria - Sudáfrica

Our Products


Strategic partnerships with famous pets related celebrities enables us to provide a service for this niche market. This service includes all types of content formats including apps with IOT capabilities that take this segment service to the highest level.


Our entertainment portfolio provides solutions for subscribers of all ages. We have the latest licenses for videos, music content and our partnerships with TV channels and content providers ensures we bring you the most exclusive user oriented experiences.


We currently manage the biggest and most engaging mobile women community in Latin America. With more than 1.5 Million subscribers, our high engagement strategies allow content creators, brands and mobile network operators to generate loyalty and revenue.


This area has recently seen significant growth due to its involvement with different types of technologies and solutions including services that are supported with data-generating devices.


Education has always been an attractive segment with high loyalty indicators and promising revenue streams. To deliver the best solutions in the markets we have partnered with some of the world’s most dedicated companies such as Cartoon Network, Bloomberg and BBC.


Of all types of content a mobile user can consume, the most popular is news. We have worked for years not only in what content is delivered but also how and when. In Africa and Latin America, we are currently working with the BBC in expanding its reach and revenues using the latest technologies that ensure a great mobile news service experience.

We work in the asessment to companies from the business planning to the final product. We provide simple and effective solutions. We guide and assist our clients throughout the whole development of their projects.

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