Double-strain into the prepared glass over fresh ice and garnish with the lime wedge. He was one of 12 journalists world-wide, and the only one from the USA to participate in the Fête de laGastronomie- the weekend of September 22nd. Pameladevi Govinda lives in Brooklyn. Becca Yeamans has a Bachelor's of Science in Biology from Saint Michael's College in Colchester, VT, and a Masters of Science in Environmental Sciences from the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, VA. She has extensive research experience as well as experience working in the wine industry. If you can’t find whole yuzu, bottled juice can be found in specialty markets and online. Maggie Kimberl is a bourbon writer focusing on bourbon culture and tourism in Louisville and Kentucky. It’s also one of those versatile ingredients that can be used in both savory and sweet cocktails—just like it’s used in the kitchen for both ponzu sauce and miso soup as well as sweets and jams. After being involved in almost every aspect of the industry, from chef to bartender, vendor to general manager, she now is a writer and consultant, traveling around the world exploring bar communities and helping the industry progress as a whole. Fill the glass with crushed ice and, using a bar spoon, mix the ingredients together for 10 to 15 seconds. Today the website has a global readership numbering into the hundreds of thousands, and is a place where Cognac lovers can discover more about their passion, communicate with others of a similar interest, and purchase Cognac from the heart of the region to be delivered anywhere around the world. She currently freelances for food, wine and lifestyle publications while working on her upcoming website and first book. 2012 in Burgundy. Follow him on Instagram @BlankGlass. is the leading online platform for all things related to Cognac. (or enough to top) East Imperial Yuzu Tonic, lime wheel, optionally coated in Wild Hibiscus Flower Pyramid Salt Flakes, for garnish. He seldom (okay, never) blogs for himself but lots of his 20+ years of writing samples can be found at mezcal joven (Liebman uses Peletón de la Muerte), ½  tsp preserved lemon juice (can substitute with ½ oz. You can follow him at his blog The Grape Belt or on Twitter @grapebelt. Recipe courtesy of Vanessa Beaderstadt, Director of Bars, The Robey Hotel, Chicago, IL. The first time he stepped behind a bar, it felt like home. © 2020 The Alcohol Professor. Emma Criswell is head of the "Grain Team" at Deussen Global Communications, a sales associate at Frankly Wines and a freelance marketing consultant for wine, spirits and culinary brands. Ever since, he has absorbed all of the liquor knowledge he can find, from culture to history to recipes, and done his best to share what he knows with the world. Kevin Gibson is a Louisville, Ky.-based writer who writes about breweries, restaurants and the great city he calls home. Every #WineWednesday, Christine writes on her blog Today she lives in Venice California, serves on the board of Art Beyond the Glass, and can often be found serving G and T’s while sailing across the bay. She plans to get her brag on again--this time back home in Bama. “I like yuzu in cocktails because it has a beautiful aromatic quality that … He attends Tales of the Cocktail, WSWA, The Manhattan Cocktail Classic and the Boston Cocktail Summit. She is a freelance writer with a focus on wine science and research, and is the author/creator of the technical wine blog, The Academic Wino ( James Reddicliffe is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of BK Beer Review, a blog that covers all things beer in the five boroughs. cherry simple syrup (instructions follow), cocktail cherry, for garnish (for instructions on how to make your own cocktail cherries, please click here). Strain into a rocks glass over fresh ice and garnish with the orange slice and mint sprig. Bylines can be seen via VinePair, The Bourbon Review, Billboard, W Magazine, plus many other outlets. Here are three to try. Chicago native Dorothy Hernandez is an editor and writer who is eating and drinking her way through her adopted home of Detroit. When not scribbling, Tracy enjoys oysters, all things pumpkin, cult television shows and bubbly from any region. Follow him at @messyepicure on Twitter and Instagram or at When he finds something interesting to share with the world, his occasional writings can be found on, and other outlets. Follow her on Instagram at @lunchtime_somewhere. Facebook :, Robin Robinson is a consultant to the craft spirits industry, where he helps small brands identify their unique narratives to penetrate and activate the marketplace and implement sales and marketing strategies. Jens is a freelance bartender in Dresden, Germany who decided he'd rather be a good host, than a mechanical engineer. As a half Greek Scotsman, who previously lived and worked in Japanese whisky industry for years, George Koutsakis is a spirits writer specializing in Japanese whisky, world whisky, and spirits. His interests are eclectic, becoming adept in wines from all over the globe, including Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Chile, Argentina, Soviet Georgia, Mexico, Canada, Croatia, Lebanon, Israel, France, Germany, as well as many of the wine growing regions within the United States. John went from dish washer, to busser, to waiter before finding his stride at the bar. She shares her love for all things food and drink related on her blog, limerence + liquor. She's author of two volumes of "The Bar Belle," has a key to the city, and prefers to bathe in bourbon. Pour into a chilled, ice-filled highball glass. A Sidecar is an under-appreciated classic of Cognac, orange liqueur, and lemon; why not swap orange out for yuzu? Add ice cubes into two different glasses. Yuzu and Kuromitsu Give This Whiskey Sour a ... - When he's not behind the bar, you can find him on twitter @_tim_miner. He is a man in constant search of imbibing in good stuff and sharing his knowledge with those he knows. When she isn't busy writing, she enjoys cooking, eating shawarma, traveling, and wondering whether or not the obscure beverages she buys during her travels will be confiscated at the border. Today, he is able to blend his educational training and passion by working as a spirits advocate and educator, consultant, brand ambassador and journalist. When not exploring the world or hunting around for new cuisines to try - you will find her relaxing in the garden with her head in a good book. With his active participation in the United States Bartenders Guild, New York Chapter (USBGNY) he has spent the past four years developing and solidifying relationships in the industry, affording him the opportunity to work with many of the most respected names in the business. Here he had the opportunity to work with and learn from world-renowned chef Cal Stamenov, and sommelier Mark Jensen, formerly of the Highlands Inn. All rights reserved. I have worked in Bordeaux for Vignobles Clément Fayat as seller and in charge of the communication, promotion and PR. This year, Anne's very excited to represent the beer industry at a seminar for Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans about furthering education in the spirits industry. Follow her on Instagram @thecollectress as she collects experiences across the world and in your city! Training to be an actual professor by day and an alcohol professor by night, she spends most of her mornings pondering Kantian ethics at the university and her evenings drinking her way through Europe. His Twitter handle is @corkzillasf. Add all ingredients except tonic and garnish to a highball glass. Pamela Wiznitzer has a true passion and zest for the industry that is seen and tasted in every drink she serves.