If you have laptop causing black screen then. Based on the information that you've shared, we'd recommend running Windows 10 in safe mode. Windows 10 black screen with cursor. تحقق مما إذا كنت لا تزال تحصل على شاشة سوداء تعمل بنظام Windows 10 بدون مؤشر أم لا. windows 10 black screen after crash / freezing ---- found out to be video memory problem while doing something on my old HP notebook , the screen suddenly freezing and become mosaic I reboot it , it initially showing windows logo , then black without cursor Hi, I recently applied updates to my Windows 10 environment. Remove the battery, Press and hold the power button for a few seconds, again insert the battery and start windows… اقرأ أيضًا: الإصلاح: لا يمكن التمهيد في الوضع الآمن في Windows 8.1 و Windows 10 I could still login to safe mode no problems. The next time I booted, it would briefly show the Windows logo and then go to black screen. إذا استمرت ، فجرّب الحل التالي. ... we expect the device to perform tasks such as downloading and installing Windows Update without issues. Well, currently you are stuck on the black screen lets completely turn off the laptop or PC. Windows 10 black screen issues can be persistent and mysterious. To boot your system into Safe Mode, start your PC and once you see the sign in Windows 10 BLANK SCREEN w/cursor after UPDATE Hi, I've been ... in its configuration and/or broken system files. After a week of trying different things and online advice, I stripped all the disks out of my PC, add a new SSD and reinstalled windows.