What should I expect from a mental health unit and interview? The chief way that psychiatric nurses must develop these is through a set of communication skills … Flexible and intuitive, a successful Mental Health Worker is both patient and firm. Mental Health Worker Skills. Mental health nursing jobs demand significant compassion and sensitivity, and you need great communication skills that can help patients deal with challenging conditions. This will require diplomacy and patience, as well as the ability to build trust. What skills and knowledge do I need? I have whiplash and may be unable to do the physical work on my stroke unit for awhile. Do the work. I have always been interested in mental health and think I would like to try it for awhile while I heal. Learn more about what these professionals do, when you might want to consider seeing one, and what you need to do if you are interested in becoming a mental health counselor. If you're looking to accelerate your career in our fast-changing work environment, here are the 12 most important skills you need to succeed. You either take action, do the work to transform your body and change your life, or you don’t. You want to further develop the knowledge, skills and values to deliver effective and safe mental health services. How physical is the work? In addition to these general skills and personality traits, employers are looking for Mental Health Worker candidates with the following skills. There are no shortcuts, the people on top of the mountain didn’t fall there. They can maintain composure in uncertain situations, and work well as part of a team to provide compassionate care. Psychiatric nursing is a complex profession requiring a great deal of compassion, sensitivity and relationship building. Interpersonal skills: You will be interacting not only with the people you are studying, but also with other mental health professionals, the general public, and family members. Communication Skills Needed for Psychiatric Nurses. Individual characteristics (personality, mental health, social skills) Incidentally, all of these factors also play a role in contributing to employee mental health, directly or indirectly. This level will suit you if you already have plenty of experience in mental health work. For instance, culture, job autonomy, and social connectedness at work can have a direct influence on employees’ thoughts, feelings, and emotions.. I am applying for a temporary position. If you are curious about what a mental health counselor can do for you or thinking about entering this profession yourself, there are a few important things you should know. Nature Of The Work. Thanks! As a mental health nurse, you may be called upon to give verbal instructions to patients to help them feel more empowered in situations where they may feel they have little control.