Hemlock works great when the outside temperatures are mild and you need a quick fire to take the chill off inside your house, or try mixing the wood in with other popular hardwoods to give you a longer burn time. Hemlocks are a member of the Tsuga species and are completely unrelated to the poison hemlock plant known as Conium Maculatum. Like most pine trees, hemlocks have a shallow root system which often causes them to blow over during strong winds. While it is easy to work with, the material trades off its workability for lowered strength. The poison hemlock is best known for being the plant that killed the famous philosopher Socrates. Some say it holds up better than treated wood. Although it's not the most popular firewood choice, hemlock firewood can be a great wood to burn during the shoulder season months of fall and spring when the outside temperatures are cool but not bitterly cold. If you have easy access to some hemlock firewood, it's definitely worth burning. Wikibuy Review: A Free Tool That Saves You Time and Money, 15 Creative Ways to Save Money That Actually Work. The bark of Eastern hemlock is rich in tannin and was once one of … The wood actually dries out pretty quick and it's not as sappy and messy as a pine tree making the wood nicer to handle because your hands are not covered in sap after a day of cutting. In the timber industry, hemlock is an important tree used for wood pulp and they also work well when planted for privacy screens although their shallow root systems make them a poor choice for planting near homes and other structors since they can blow down and cause damage. You can view a full range of … Learn how to fix and remove a busted or stuck fireplace damper. Costs can vary by grade. It is plentifull around my part of TN. Hemlock is a great wood for outdoor use, as mentioned pests won't get in it and it is very rot resistant. In fact, many long time firewood users will agree that any free firewood is worth burning as long as it's dry and easy to obtain and hemlock is no exception. Like many softwoods, hemlock lacks the durability of other exterior door materials such as mahogany or oak. Mills typically produce several grades intended for different applications and provide information about the standards for each grade so consumers can decide which will meet their needs. Hemlock is a great, economical wood for country homes and barns. Tips and ideas for building a firewood crib to store and season your firewood so it's dry and ready to burn. Hemlock is better suited for framing use within a building such as a home or a barn. It can behave like a hardwood in many applications; this high-quality lumber has an even tone and appearance suitable for use in woodworking projects. It is pale in color and naturally richens over time. Eastern Hemlock is also “local” and “ecologically responsible” in the following ways: The logs are harvested and sawn here in New Hampshire; The sale of hemlock … Builders can also use it for framing and related activities because it is sturdy and not prone to warping or twisting. We hope you love the products and ideas we recommend! Mary has a liberal arts degree from Goddard College and If hemlock lumber will be used in an outdoor setting, it needs to be treated to protect it, and periodic re-treatments are advised to keep the wood in good condition. This wood tends to take paints, stains, and dyes extremely well because it has minimal resin and will not resist these treatments. Hemlock is a softwood and just like any other softwood, it's a less desirable firewood when compared to a popular hardwood like oak or maple but that doesn't mean the firewood is useless especially if it's free and easy to access. While working with hemlock lumber, people can use screws or nails, depending on personal preference, and the wood shouldn’t be prone to cracking or splitting if it was processed properly. The lumber tends to be honey to tan and is uniformly colored. spends her free time reading, cooking, and exploring the great outdoors. Hemlock does glue and accept screws well, but it also has a tendency to splinter when worked. The wood is easy to cut, easy to handle and produces 19.3 million BTUs per cord. Although it's classified as a softwood, hemlock can be a good firewood source as long as the wood is allowed to properly season before use. Firewood Cutting Safety - How To Protect Yourself, Building A Firewood Crib - How To Store Firewood, Chimney Damper Repair - Fix A Broken Damper.