The viscosity of liquid bitumen is measured by efflux visconnectors. 220 Viscosity test of bitumen 1. At low viscosity the bitumen binder simply lubricates the aggregate particles instead of providing a binder action. 3200 Kinematic Viscosity at 135°C, cSt 1206 (Part 3) Min. RTFOT Viscosity Grade Bitumen (AR-Grades), in which the Viscosity of bitumen (asphalt) is measured at 60 °C (140 °F) after the roll on thin film oven test. Now, the most practical means to measure the viscosity of bitumen is with the help of rotational viscometer test (ASTM D4402 -02). Viscosity grade bitumen has a thermoplastic feature which causes the material to soften at high temperatures and to harden at lower temperatures. The viscosity test measures the viscosity of an asphalt. In case of high viscosity it will resist the compactive effort but mixture is heterogenous. Objective • To become familiar with the term viscosity, its influence and effects, its techniques and application in the field of engineering especially for design of the road pavements. The lower viscosity of bitumen mixed with aggregate makes it as smooth. The Brookfield and Thermocel rotational viscometer let the measurement of bitumen viscosity at varying temperatures. The bitumen viscosity is determined by viscometer as per IS code 1206. 300 Min. 220 Min. VISCOSITY TEST FOR BITUMEN PRESENTED BY:AMRIT PANDIT ACEM/069/A/005 KATHMANDU, NEPAL 2. The ability of bitumen spreading over the pavement area is known as the fluidity of bitumen. 1600 Min. 2400 Min. 220 Min. Furol viscosity is a specific test which is only used for the measurement of liquid bituminous materials. BITUMEN (VISCOSITY GRADES) TEST BIS METHOD SPECIFICATION VG10 VG20 VG30 VG40 Absolute Viscosity at 60°C, Poises 1206 (Part 2) Min. Pic-4 Viscosity test of bitumen; TESTING: Maintain the test bath temperature at 60 +/- 0.1 C. Place the charged viscometer vertically in the test bath with the help of a holder so that that the uppermost timing mark is at least 2 cm below the surface of the bath liquid (Pic-3). 800 Min. 350 Min. Both the viscosity test and the penetration test measure the consistency of an asphalt at some specified temperatures and are used to designate grades of asphalts. The viscosity test is performed to find the fluidity of bitumen. Influence of Temperature on The Viscosity of Bitumen 220 Min. Viscosity Tests on Bitumen Asphalt . 250 Min. 400 Flash Point (Cleveland Open Cup,) °C 1209 Min. Viscosity Test.