Pinterest . Facebook. Linkedin. 2 In addition, the leadership style of nurse managers has a critical impact on nurse job performance and on nurse retention — factors vital for providing excellent patient care. As a result, transformational leadership can revitalize healthcare from the point of patient care and more. They can mobilize people into groups that can get work done, raising the well-being, morale and motivation level of a group through excellent rapport. As a transformational nurse leader, you can inspire great performances every day, along … Transformational leaders (Spahr 2015) have gained a lot of attention in recent years for being a leadership style that truly inspires teams and can help to ‘transform’ certain workplace cultures. Cons of Transformational Leadership Style . Over the last two decades, writing and research on nursing leadership has been dominated by one conceptual theory, that of transformational leadership. The eventual goal of transformational leadership is for the leader and the follower to find meaning and purpose in connection to their work, growth and maturity (Robbins & … July 25, 2020. Transformational leadership theory is the process whereby the leaders attends to the needs and motives of their followers so that the interaction advance each to higher levels of morality and motivation (Yoder-Wise, P., 2014, pg. The transformational leadership style encourages others to develop and implement effective leadership characteristic cs. Email. As a component of the Full Range Leadership Model proposed by Bass (1985), TFL is characterized by the ability to stimulate, inspire, and motivate followers. Leaders are called on to set an example and influence staff. Transformational leadership in nursing inspires and motivates employees to find better ways of achieving a goal, as these leaders excel at conflict resolution. Transformational leadership has got wide implications in nursing leadership and is a powerful management strategy for nurse leaders. Transformational leadership is a leadership style that evidently displays clearly ‘likeable’ qualities in its leaders. Print. Transformational Leadership in Nursing. Transformational leadership (TFL) has become a predominant leadership style practiced by leaders across many industries and disciplines, including nursing. A blend of transactional and transformational leadership styles can lead to improved patient outcomes, but transformational nurse leaders often are the managers that other nurses want to work for. Transformational leaders tend to be personable and invested in their employees’ growth and development. Effective nurse leadership is positioned as an essential factor in achieving optimal patient outcomes and workplace enhancement. Nursing Leadership; Perspectives; Public Health; Communication and transformational leadership during a crisis. Transformational leadership in nursing: towards a more critical interpretation. Author(s): Nadine Couch, MSN/MHA, RN. Under normal circumstances this can be challenging. 10). Twitter.