All this quality is backed up by a two year warranty. If you want the absolute loudest and earth-shattering bass on the market, then this competition subwoofer is for you. ] The surround is constructed using a three-layered high-rolled rubber ring. It’s eye-catching and will be sure to get you noticed. Ohms refers to the resistance of airflow in your sub. The KICKER 12″ Full Package offers plenty bang for your buck. We did everything possible to make sure that our users get the best range of competition car subwoofers to choose from. Competition subwoofers also have higher quality cones, which are crucial to the durability of the sub. It features 1,500 watts of RMS power and 3,000 peak power. Unlike some of the other American Bass subwoofers, this one has a carbon Kevlar woven base, which gives it a textured finish. The subwoofer is enclosed in a red aluminum frame, and it looks the business. To sum up this buyer’s guide and review, we will showcase the loudest bass competition subwoofer - the DS18 Hooligan. This is placed deep in the cone. You’ll also need to make sure you have enough battery power to keep it running. This amount of power needs some driving, so be sure to get a well-matched amplifier to pair with it. Skar Audio's SDR series of loaded enclosures are by far some the most popular loaded subwoofer enclosures on the market today, and for good reason. Every subwoofer will need an enclosure to produce the best sound. You may have to roll bass down a touch, but they should sound fine. The speaker surround is made from high roll foam. Competition subs are made to be loud, so you should expect high sensitivity ratings on your new device. Skar Audio VXF-12 D2 12″ 3000 Watt Max Power Dual 2 Ohm Competition Car Subwoofer More Info and Images Skar Audio VXF-12 D2 12" 3000 Watt Max Power Dual 2 Ohm Competition Car Subwoofer These speakers also have no problems with reaching down to the lower frequencies in the range. American Bass has won multiple awards for its audio quality. Competition subs are made to be loud, so you should expect high sensitivity ratings on your new device. Next, you should use the phase switch if your subwoofer has one. It also comes stacked with a mirror image dual spiders. Once you have them mounted in an enclosure, you can put them in the back of your car. Regardless, if you have one or a pair of 12″ subs, you can pretty much kiss any boot space goodbye. If you’ve got a big unit, there’s no doubt that it’s going to push a lot of air and be loud. This high-quality subwoofer from Skar features an inch driver which would impress even at … Here at Skar Audio building and designing subwoofers is one of the things we do best. Learn more. That is why we have it listed as the best cheap competition subwoofer that money can buy. 202ozs of this weight is taken up by the double-stack motor. The main basket is constructed from a cast aluminum material. Furthermore, the cool thing is that the majority of subwoofers are now built better and more reliable than ever before. The Skar Audio DDX-15 D2 15″ weighs 36.5lbs. The larger spiders assist with airflow. And of course, the outstanding Flex Fit Basket Design that may surely fall you in love with it the competition subwoofer. To keep them from turning to toast, the dual coils have built-in coolers to draw away the heat. It delivers great quality bass at a price that’s hard to beat. "name": "Home" This model is capable of producing up to 2,000 watts of peak power. This can solve any potential issues with matching subs and amps, but it doesn’t allow for as much flexibility to get the most out of your subwoofers. "item": { The low-frequency response range allows this subwoofer to get down low with very little roll-off, even at the extremes. If you’re looking for a rock-solid, proven, and durable subwoofer, then look no further. There are many benefits of competition-grade subs. The models we have reviewed today can be found there. Many people value the ease of wireless speakers. Bargain subwoofers that produce great sound, Excellent power handling with high volume. The volume of these subwoofers can be cranked up much higher than standard ones. return function(){return ret}})();rp.bindMediaToggle=function(link){var||"all";function enableStylesheet(){} This is perfectly illustrated by the use of high-grade competition standard pressed paper cone. Skar Audio subwoofers are perfect for competition. That is why we have included all their 12″ models that have different price tags and features but performance excellent. Most subwoofers have a maximum higher range of around 500Hz. These benefits include the ultimate in bass and low-frequency sounds. This will allow you to get the best sound reproduction. If you are looking for the maximum volume available, then this may be the subwoofer for you. A great subwoofer, with great performance, for a great price. We think we’ve got most of the angles covered. The speaker cones are constructed using a polypropylene woofer. These are essentially a good sounding pair of subwoofers. When setting up your system, you should ideally marry up an amplifier with a similar power rating to the sub. So, What Are The Best Competition Subwoofers? They are constructed poly and nomex to give you the best sounding cone. First, you should set the crossover. We recommend this for anyone starting out or on a budget that still wants supreme power and audio. The VXF-12 D4 is conservatively rated at 3, 000 watts peak power, and 1, 500 watts RMS, and is unrivaled when it … This model, also known as an active speaker, comes with an amplifier already included in the setup. Note: If you click a link on this page, then go on to make a purchase, we may receive a commission but at no extra cost to you. The American Bass 8″ Competition Woofer is more of a day to day sub for a regular ride. Once they are installed, you need to make sure the sound is correct. These things will still bump. This subwoofer puts all of these features together to bring you punchy and tight basslines. Our best competition subwoofer features excellent power handling with its peak power at 5,000 watts. It comes with Hooligan’s patented basket design. It’s almost certainly destined for the trunk. A model with 2 ohms may be slightly louder than a 4 ohm model since there is less resistance. The 2,000 watts of RMS power is crazy. The box/enclosure is made from thick MDF. They are capable of producing more sound per watt than any other type of subwoofer. Although we could only just get up to this limit, it never the less has more than enough power to fit into the competition category. DSL is proud, and rightly so, to advertise that this subwoofer has been tested and approved by the CEA, IASCA, MERA, and SEMA. You will not need to add one to use the sub. Maybe even a little more. In reality, anywhere between 75% TO 150% of the RMS power rating should work fine. It’s emblazoned on the front of the driver with a contrasting red and white DSL logo. It has a carbon-kevlar reinforced non-pressed paper cone. 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If you’re fitting a sub to your only ride, be sure you’re comfortable with sacrificing the trunk space before you start.