Sometimes it is hard to understand the fit from the pictures. Anyway very recommended . I wouldn't recommend using their website to buy anything - It feels like a scam. Nickel Quelle rapidité Utile. please get back asap. There are so many bad reviews that got me worrying. I can clearly see they donot intend on returning my 25k back. Good morning, your package was shipped on the 17th of November, it is still in transit. i have emailed, fb messages and tweeted and you still haven't replied i know i only made the order a few hours ago but please can someone reply to my questions? Made a purchase on their site for a jimmy choo hand bag around $800 to Canada, they charged me 2 times($1600). If you give me your order number I will be pleased to help you and give you further information on your order status. one week passed... please tell me when will you send my order ? I ordered the regular fit but was sent the oversized one therefore I am in the process of returning this particular t shirt for the one I originally ordered. Quick delivery. After reading the poor reviews on this site I was worried I had just thrown away my money... 4 days later my beautiful ties showed up original packaging. Hello, i am in nigeria and i have neve used this site before, just a lilttle scared One of your orders is shipping out today. Useful. When I was trying to place my order then they would reply in a day and now when I asked them to cancel my order. However the givenchy t shirt I ordered was not the correct one. Partager. Whether you are attending prom for the first... We’re in this together! I made an order this afternoon for a sweatshirt from your site and i need you to tell me why i have not recieved a confirmation email? Good shopping experience as … Thank you very much! They are dispatched in their original package and with their tag and/or authenticity certificate. No one is replying to my emails on customer service and no one is checking my messages at facebook. I tried all method of contacting this company, but there are none response what so ever? Share. Hello Eva, can you please send me a private message with your order number so that I can check for you? Finding someone to answer my questions regarding the shipments or following the orders is a pain and there is no supervisor to control the process and I haven't seen any improvement in the last two years. I ordered shoes in the weekend and I received the onces 2 days later! Overall looks like a fake or second hand stuff. I ordered another one (bigger size). Now no one is responding. They basically stole my money and now they don´t answer. any garantee ? I have not received any type of confirmation yet and wish to cancel this order anyway. Amazing service my item arrived in dublin within 6 days and it was exactly what I ordered. Reply. Hello Reet! It seems like this is a ghost company made to rob people. I placed an order, they charged me on the card, but i never receive any kind of confirmation. I am going to cancel the orders. Deliveries are quick and I love my stuff, 5 stars :)) order from Italy to Romania in working days. Andrew, Michael and Alexandra are absolutely right and I confirm their answers. After one-two usages, it started to completely fall apart on several places. I recently purchased designer backpack through this website. Raffaello Network s’est créé il y a 18 ans en se lançant dans la vente en ligne de cravates, auxquelles sont venus s’ajouter très vite le vêtements homme et femme ainsi que les rayons chaussures et sacs à main des meilleures marques de la mode. Thank tot rafaello netwerk! i have ordered ysl sandale and now i am starting to believe that the entire site is a scam. So i am very very happy! My order number is 905593! I would recommend this site to anybody. My experience with Raffaello-network has been good. I sent you an email on friday. I ordered a givenchy t shirt and a jacket on Sunday. Shipping is the fastest ever. © 2020 Trustpilot, Inc. All rights reserved. this unsettles me as i have payed a lot of money for something and i haven't even been given information about when it will be here. It was a cheap one so i didn't really care but now i have some expensive stuff to buy from Raffaello Network but im scared to shop because of my second shopping experience about this website. Plus they consistently add positive comments on trust pilot so that the comments that tells you its a scam wont show up. In short I had an excellent experience and will be ordering more soon. The level of service I have received from this site has been good on two occasions, quicjk shipping, obviously authentic goods and good communication. Order # 1284887. Hello! We use cookies for analytics, personalization, and ads. Fast delivery and cloth was beautiful and aoft. However I am happy with the jacket. Give me some feedback rather than your standard statement. Terrible quality. Découvrez ce que 884 personnes ont écrit jusqu'ici, et partagez votre propre expérience. Please TRUST THESE BAD REVIEWS- I DINDT and now look where I am. Am I suppose to just wait here and see if it delivers? Maybe there is a problem with your email address? Everything was great. Lula Paterson 1 review. I ordered Mou boots. I want to buy a pair of tods... are they original and genuine? But actually, the size is too small for me and I did return it. Discount Fashion at Outlet prices, including designer items from the most known Italian and French brands. You guys have a great selection to choose from and the transaction was very good from ordering to receiving the merchandise. Best regards. great packing and excelent quality item are perfect satisfyif possible, it would be to pick up at my office for retour with thanks. I ordered one Gucci bag on Nov 23, the status is always "Items are arriving from one of our warehouses or partner boutiques". I made an order the last 23 of November of 2018, and never receive anything. After I reviewing all the bad comments on this webist, I felt a little bit worried if I was cheated. Raffaello Network ranks 20th among Designer Clothes sites. When i was thinking the fault is on my side, which i might have input something wrong. So obviously I wanted to make warranty claim on this item. Got both items today so delivery was very quick and I am pleased. I don't know whether I just have been lucky, I bought some Jeans 'and was too long tried to call them very hard as not speak good English no problem try to send back but they don't send returned labels like most companies on line well I sent about seven emails and they was saying there is only one who speaks English and she will not take calls until 6pm and only if she is not with someone well the emails got stronger and stronger I was told bye email do it your self get one printed then ring DHL she said she as been there 14 years and she is safe and she would not ring me I told her that I was very disappointed and I don't no why they don't send returned labels as standard so please be aware that u can order on your phone etc but u can't return the same way u most have a laptop and a printer as well to complete your returned items.