Positive displacement pump (PDP) is a type of pump in which a moving fluid is captured in a cavity and then discharges that fixed amount of fluid. The displacement of fluid takes place by some parts like plunger, piston, diaphragm etc. In terms of patients with very early stage HER2-positive breast cancer-meaning lymph node–negative, stage I, smaller tumors, one strategy gaining popularity is the de-escalation of therapy, so patients [are not subjected to] so much treatment and all of the toxicities that go along with that treatment. Stages of Psychosocial Development. Positive definition, explicitly stated, stipulated, or expressed: a positive acceptance of the agreement. The final stage would be the scientific-industrial society with a positive philosophy of science emerging due to advances in logical ways of thinking and scientific inquiry. Find more ways to say positive, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. positive definition: 1. full of hope and confidence, or giving cause for hope and confidence: 2. certain and without…. The metaphysical-judicial stage saw a tremendous focus on political and legal structures that emerged as society evolved, and in the scientific-industrial stage, a positive philosophy of science was emerging due to advances in logical thinking and scientific inquiry. During the theological-military stage, society held strong beliefs about supernatural beings, enslavement, and the military. See more. He argued that social experience was valuable throughout life, with each stage recognizable by the specific conflict we encounter between our psychological needs and the surrounding social environment. For example, someone who is secure may move through the stages fairly quickly or skip some altogether, while someone who is anxious or avoidant may get stuck on one of the stages. The law of three stages is an idea developed by Auguste Comte in his work The Course in Positive Philosophy.It states that society as a whole, and each particular science, develops through three mentally conceived stages: (1) the theological stage, (2) the metaphysical stage, and (3) the positive stage. Learn more. some of these pumps have expanding cavity at the suction side and a decreasing cavity at the discharge side. Another word for positive. Erik Erikson’s (1958, 1963) psychosocial development theory proposes that our personality develops through eight stages, from infancy to old age.