Since pomegranate oil penetrates deeply into the skin, it is effective for treating dry skin. Ellagic acid also lightens and brightens the skin. I would have liked to see more products for men, though. I can only use it diluted on my skin. Pomegranate seed oil has a higher antioxidant activity than red wine and similar to green tea in its antioxidant levels (source). I include this oil in my natural sugar scrubs for face & body! It fades Wrinkles and Fine lines, revitalizes Mature skin, improves Skin Elasticity, improves Skin Tone and gives your skin a healthy glow. The fruit is about 2.5 - 5 inches wide and has a tough, leathery skin. I bought all box of pomegranate in Costco, my favorite store. You have included good comparison pages and product review pages. Cold pressing the seeds of the fruit will produce an amber-colored oil. So, be in the “KNOW”!! I love eating a ripe pomegranate, the juices squirt into my mouth as I chew on it’s seeds. I really like how you’ve designed your site. . Thanks for taking the time to comment Nemira! Sorry you had to learn the hard way that you are NEVER supposed to use undiluted tea tree oil either on yourself or on your pets! It soothes dry, cracked, and irritated skin. This was very informative. Pomegranate oil can penetrate deep into the skin and work at the root level. Generate an allergens declaration for your purchase (essential oils only), Therapist Discount Scheme at Naturallythinking, What to expect during a Course at Naturallythinking, Hotels Local to Naturallythinking Skincare, Vegan Policy and Cosmetics in our natural skincare products, Rosehip Carrier Oil - Special Offer Cold Pressed, Jojoba Carrier Oil, Coldpressed & Golden Offer Price. This fatty acid protects the skin from sun damage and fends off free radicals. It works for most skin types, (which depends on the skin care ingredients pomegranate is combined with). You have great informative content on all of your pages. Add pomegranate seed oil to your favorite moisturizer, sunscreen, hair care products or cleansers. Such informative content you have. The oil is light amber in colour and has a fruity fragrance. Thank you for a great article on pomegranate seed oil. I traveled through the rest of your website, too, while I was here , and was very pleased with the extent of your knowledge of organic skin care and overall health. Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. It also has anti-microbial and wound healing properties. Helping to regenerate these cells, may actually help to reverse past damage and revive the skin to … This oil does not clog pores. Thanks for a great read. In Canada, we only see them in our grocery stores around Christmas time. I decided a few weeks ago that I was going to spend the money and buy one to try. I think I paid $5 for one pomegranate which to me seems a little excessive. It’s a great article very detailed and easy to read. It a nice coincidence. It has such great uses, medicinal and for skin problems too. Great website you have made on organic skin care. Pomegranate seed oil is close to 70% punicic acid. Pomegranate Oil is a rich source of phenolic compounds and lipid-soluble fractions. Learn More, For a Weekly Email of Skin Care Tips and a FREE Ebook. This is so wonderful, very simple page but well organised and clear detailed. Just make sure it doesn’t have any added color, flavor or sugar. 9. Apart from oil, where I could get this fruit in other forms such as juice? I know that it has a lot vitamin C.Your mentioned nutrients add nice value to this fruit. If you want the full benefits, I would just eat pmoegranates, then you are getting the juice as well as the oil in the seeds. I’m so glad I read this, I love learning about natural remedies, but I knew nothing about the benefits of pomegranate seed oil! I like to put all seeds in smoothie. A multi-functional facial oil using age-defying botanicals. Pomegranate seed oil is very nutritious and full of antioxidants so I consider this oil to be one of the best natural skin moisturizers. Pomegranate Oil Fights with Bacterial Infections: The pomegranate oil helps in battling with destructive microorganisms. I think the best way to be successful with articles and posts is to write them simple as you can. “which you are supposed to be able to do with tea tree” Oh, NO. and I would appreciates if you can give me some more advices regarding my 3 above. By fending off damaging free radicals, the oil helps keep the skin looking young and can provide some protection against the sun. The fact that this oil is made from a fruit is of particular interest as I will only use a product that is made from natural foods. It is an antioxidant that has been shown to help prevent skin cancer as well as preventing UV damage and wrinkle formation. Another good way to do it, which I personally use in my restaurant, is to cut off the top part then through the whole thing in a blender. High in antioxidants, this oil helps clean up free radicals that lead to wrinkles and skin … So many fruit seed oils are being shown to have tremendous benefits to our skin, we are seeing Argan oil, Red Raspberry Seed oil, Prickly Pear Seed oil, Watermelon Seed oil and all sorts of other oils being utilized for skin care.