Do not use expressions such as “s/he” or “his or her.” For example, “Each student submitted their art portfolio to the committee” is correct. The caption for tables is placed above the table; the caption for figures is placed below the figure. If the work has three or more authors, in all in-text citations place only the first author followed by et al. How to submit my research paper? About this journal. The paragraph formatting is Centered with a 6 point space after it and an underline border at the bottom. To make it easier to read the paper online, use single column formatting for the paper. The International Journal of Educational Research publishes research manuscripts in the field of education.Work must be of a quality and context that the Editorial Board think would be of interest to an international readership. ], [How does this paper contribute to the body of knowledge? Make sure these are removed from the document properties as well. You should use up to three levels of headings to categorize content as deemed necessary: Heading 1, Heading 2, and Heading 3. We encourage those who are not familiar with writing in journal English to take on a co-author or to hire their own copy editor competent to help with journal papers. flipped classroom approach and the 5E instructional model in (Gill et al., 2019). Download Template for a cleaner copy of these instructions, Formatting Guidelines for Papers Published in Informing Science Institute journals, [Do not enter author information until after paper is accepted. Since you hold the copyright for these, there are no copyright issues. Follow the authors by the date, the title, and the source. If your paper is accepted pending final formatting, let your editor know if you wish to hire a formatter. You warrant that you have not infringed on any copyright and assume full liability in case of copyright dispute. The manuscript must not be under consideration for publication elsewhere. When you copy and redistribute this paper in full or in part, you need to provide proper attribution to it to ensure that others can later locate this work (and to ensure that others do not accuse you of plagiarism). Every figure or table must be referenced in the body of the paper. What is the problem? Omit citations from the abstract; citations for the paper’s sources do appear in the body of the paper. If you have one, insert a head-and-shoulder photo to the left of the biography of each author or send it separately and we will insert it. If you need another level, such as for this paragraph, use the Normal style and place the heading at the beginning of the paragraph in bold font. Three levels of headings are enough for most papers. By submitting the paper, as author you certify the following: There are three common sources of figures. Select. The Journal of Information Technology Education: Research (JITE: Research) is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes scholarly articles on the use of information technology in education.. of integrating ICT into teaching and learning at Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) A sample of 220 faculty members from[Click], It is acknowledged that the Maker movement has Insert additional rows if there are more than two authors. The use of various types of media as a tool for English education at home has also been attracting increased notice. Since the submission may require several rounds of review and most of this time is determined by how promptly the author responds, there is no meaningful average time between submission and publication or rejection. Do not use all upper case. The purpose of the paper is to present the literature review concerning knowledge sharing issues in a workplace. Do not use all upper case. Figures you have copied from another source, including a web site. Delete from the top of page 2 to the end. Place a comma after the last name of each author and after that author’s initial(s). But it needs to be concise. Open the document. It is centered with a border under it. Most commonly papers that are accepted require several rounds of revision. and economy So, it is significant that the current empirical[Click], This study engaged experts in confirming the Hyphenate the text in the document. When satisfied that the paper meets Informing Science standards, the Editor will send it to the Informing Science publisher who will do the final formatting and quality control. Science and Education Publishing is an academic publisher of open access journals. You must contact the holder of the copyright for the image and get permission to use it. Do not send figures formatted as separate text boxes or groups of images on the page. Papers accepted for publication are published under a Creative Commons license and bear the following notice: (CC BY-NC 4.0) This article is licensed to you under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. This license does not permit you to use this material for commercial purposes. You do not need to get permission, but include in the citation “adapted from” or “based on” and give the source. To put the first page of your document in the proper format, copy the content of the first page from this file into your document and fill in the abstract information. We believe in the free dissemination of high-quality research. Please include a head and shoulder photo of each author. Other. Papers published in our journals follow the APA Guidelines, 7th edition and a summary of these guidelines can be found at Different versions of Word have different ways of saving these formatting styles on your computer. If any of the abstract subtopics do not apply to your paper, put NA in that box. Keep in mind that formatting is not the same as copy editing. This study determined the effectiveness of using a This includes using technology to enhance learning, to support teaching and teaching administration. research on cooperative learning based on[Click], The objective of this research aims 1) to study the Click on it to attach it to your file. What’s the process of publication of my paper? Click on the name to attach it to your document. A figure is any other pictorial representation of data such as graphs or drawings. If you are not using Word as your word processor, print this document and read more about the required formatting guidelines. Once the Editor has accepted your paper, insert the full name, the affiliation (University or Company), City, Country, and email address for each author on the first page. This document is a MS Word template that contains the Style Set for pubications and the instructions for applying these styles to your document. If you have used a questionnaire in a study, include a copy of it as an appendix. [Click], Abstract—Lifelong learning organization have been accomplishing computerization education for prime-aged learners in Korea. DOIs can be found by going to and entering the reference entry. Use Word’s automatic bullet or number formats for lists. About IJIET International Journal of Information and Education Technology International Journal of Information and Education Technology (IJIET) is an international academic open access journal which gains a foothold in Singapore, Asia and opens to the world.It aims to promote the integration of information and education technology. We will add the remaining information for the headers and footers. Journal of Information Technology Education: Research (JITE:Research) is a publication of the Informing Science Institute (ISI), and so does not charge for submitting papers to the journal. It is best if it is inserted directly into the paper with “in line” wrapping. For some disciplines, it more appropriate to use Background as an alternative first section. This file contains not only instructions for you, but also instructions for Word on how to format paragraphs as Heading 1, Heading 2, and such. If you are using Word 2010, select the Home tab, click on Change Styles and then Style Set. We prefer that authors do their own formatting. In short, we seek to publish papers that communicate a clear and concise contribution that conforms to our style. Also include a short biography and a head-and-shoulders photo (if available) for each author at the end of the paper. For papers that deal with data analysis, make the data available to readers via a link you place in your paper to a website where you store your data, if at all possible.