You will … 700 High Quality Backing Tracks to improve your guitar skills. This site is all about free guitar jam tracks (organized by genre, scale/mode, key and tempo). B and A (major or minor) are nice easy keys to start off with for soloing, as you can try out the classic box position on the middle of the guitar fretboard which is simpler for arm movement, so they are well represented here! This is from Groovin' Through The Modes! If you prefer to record yourself (or jam) you can use the chords in the key of G in any order: G, C, D, Am, Bm and Em. We just want to explore the scale's tones and hear how they color the major chord. (more on keys in Foundation 3). Basic tips: Stick to the scale notes - other notes are likely to sound horrible, and the point of the exercise is to explore the Major Scale for improvising. An assortment of varied rock guitar backing tracks to explore playing lead guitar. We’ve been fortunate enough for Jamplay to provide the tracks straight from their backing track library of over 700 backing tracks. 4,808 free Backing Tracks in the key of G major in our Track Collection. Download for free. Don't worry about playing anything too elaborate at the moment. Users who like C Major Scale (Ionian Mode) Jam Track Here's a link :) 2013-05-27T09:03:16Z. Major scale chord tracks Have a play around with the major scale over the below chord tracks. a major minor backing tracks free mp3, a major minor guitar backing tracks free mp3 download, a major minor key guitar backing tracks, a minor major backing tracks, free guitar backing jam tracks download mp3 video, jam tracks for guitar for free in all keys This is a good initial ear training exercise, and it'll help you get those patterns under your fingers. Various styles, free chord charts and inspiring youtube video demos. You can use the tracks as backings and play them straight from this site. Free guitar backing tracks for Jamtracks in MP3 format. Jam Session Jam Tracks Variety Jam Pack. T he following guitar jam tracks can be used as backings to improvise with the major scale. Play along to our Free Jam Tracks or Download Backing Tracks for Music Practice. Use these guitar backing tracks to practice guitar scales. Genre instrumental rock Comment by JamTracksMania.