even though hid magic will get in the way of things and will do some bad i think that he wont do bad with his magic. Lv 6. Introducing Prospero. 0 0. pdxmom. Indeed, it was Prospero’s inquisitiveness in the magical world which brought about the loss of his dukedom to begin with. Prospero sees Ferdinand, who is on board the ship, to be a great match for his daughter. Francis. He's a sorcerer, he can control people's actions. 1 decade ago. Jamie Matty. Prospero: Public Leader or Magical Recluse? Prospero: the leader of the Island conclusion prospero should be ruler of the island becuase he is very powerful determined and commanding. PROSPERO accepts registrations for systematic reviews, rapid reviews and umbrella reviews. Another example of Prospero's goodness is when he stops Alonso from apologizing to Miranda, telling him that there is no need for more amends. A trick … because his daughter Essentially, this article establishes that Prospero is established as a “philosopher-king,” or a king who is “most qualified to rule… In The Tempest, how is Prospero a good leader? Relevance. In William Shakespeare’s final play, “The Tempest,” the playwright spins a magical web of a story that, although being comedic and light-hearted, subtly addresses the issues of absolutism, power and the monarchy. 2 Answers. This will avoid research waste and contribute more effectively to tackling the pandemic. Finally, by forcing Prospero to give up his iconic book and staff, it is as though Shakespeare believes that a good ruler cannot revel in private pleasures if he or she is to be an effective leader. Your efforts may be much more useful if switched to a different topic. The main character in “The Tempest” is a man named Prospero. ooh! Favourite answer . If so, please do not duplicate without good reason. He's also a firm decision maker, by the end he's resolved his family and 'business' squabbles, united his daughter with a lover and freed Caliban and Ariel. 1 decade ago. Prospero makes sure that no one is harmed or injured by the storm by sending a spirit, Aerial, to lookout over the ship. Prospero's humanity is clearly obvious in his treatment of Antonio, whom he calls traitor but whom he declines to treat as a traitor. Platonism and Politics in The Tempest explains that past leadership during the Renaissance was seen as “structured according to a hierarchy of material, moral, and spiritual values” (Beck, 86) that separated humans into specific hierarchies. Another way Shakespeare demonstrates power is through relationships, more specifically, master/servant relationships. Answer Save. Prospero is the protagonist, the main character in the story, in William Shakespeare's play The Tempest.At times, Prospero is a sympathetic character who is … Lv 7. By the play's conclusion, it is clear that Prospero is just and fair, in addition to intelligent.