Regular rice requires 10-15 minutes to cook while instant rice needs anywhere between five and 10 minutes. We’ve already emphasized the fact that the processes both parboiled and white rice varieties go through affect their nutritional values. Once you place the instant rice in hot water, the water re-hydrates the grains quite rapidly, allowing you to prepare a meal a lot faster. The process of parboiling boosts nutrients within the rice, thus making parboiled rice a more nutritionally valuable choice. The reason why parboiled rice is so healthy and nutritionally beneficial is because the process of parboiling transports the nutrients from the bran directly to the endosperm. In this article we are going to focus on the differences between instant and parboiled rice, as well as their nutritional values and most common cooking techniques. Some types of instant rice even come microwave ready, which depends on how precooked it was. White Minute Rice has almost no nutrients (or flavor!) Basically when you harvest the rice, (paddy rice) it has a chaff that is removed in the rice mill. However, when it comes to parboiled rice, it will take about half an hour to prepare it and make it ready for completing the whole dish. Though parboiled rice is often confused with instant rice, the processes by which they are prepared are quite different and parboiled rice can often require longer cooking times to properly prepare, rather than shorter cooking times. When cooked, it has a creamy white color. The best method to cook instant rice is to use the microwave. What was developed was a process in which rice grains, still inside their husks, were first soaked in liquid to begin to soften the husk. Many people do not pay attention to them and often make the same mistakes that can be easily eliminated. I've been attempting to find them a more nutritious alternative to plain short grained white rice -- now I can check the grocery store for parboiled white rice to serve as a side when we make stir fry. Whenever you’re in a hurry to put something on the table, instant rice jumps in to help out. It’s pretty obvious who won this grain-off battle, parboiled rice! Rice producers looked for ways to more easily remove the grains from the husks, while increasing the number of grains successfully retrieved during the process. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Minute Rice is pre-cooked rice, cooked after hulling and polishing. Overall, both parboiled and instant rice have unique traits that make them two very specific rice varieties. The process needed to create parboiled rice gives the rice it’s own unique texture and flavor. The process of parboiling also boosts the nutritional value of the grains, making parboiled rice more similar to brown rice when it comes to the amount of nutrients it carries per serving. Parboiled rice is also a great source of fiber and minerals such as calcium, potassium and vitamin 6. It also loses flavor and firmness in texture, which makes it a far less quality choice when compared to parboiled rice. This results in white rice grains that are much closer in nutritional value to the traditionally healthier brown rice. Hi There! Parboiled rice does not only cook in a shorter period; it is also known to be more nutritious than white rice. Instant rice is rice which has been parboiled then re-dried creating a rice product that cooks very quickly. Due to its processing, it also loses some of the flavor. Disadvantages – Instant rice is more expensive than regular rice. Besides, nutrients aren’t the only thing instant rice losses during the precooking process. In North America, many manufacturers also partially cook the rice after parboiling to make preparation for consumption faster. However which is healthier between instant rice vs parboiled rice and why? Many people confuse parboiled rice with instant rice because they think this rice has been precooked. Instant Pot Parboiled Rice (converted rice) produces perfect rice every time. Learn how to cook Instant Pot parboiled white rice and parboiled brown rice. Instant rice, also known as minute rice, is rice that has been precooked and dehydrated so that it cooks more rapidly. The soaking, steaming and drying processes rice goes through increase the nutritional value, making parboiled rice quire similar to brown rice when it comes to health benefits. The rice is then steamed in a pressurized environment, before finally being dried out. Many people often mix up instant rice with parboiled rice even though the two rice varieties differ drastically. It may then become brown or white rice. Whether instant rice or parboiled rice, you can still enjoy different dishes! In general, instant rice grains are dehydrated which makes them cook a lot faster to our convenience, while regular rice takes 20 minutes to half an hour to cook, instant rice is ready in less than seven minutes. Bon Appetit , Your email address will not be published. Well, don’t worry. When it comes to cooking parboiled and instant rice, the difference is obvious. This type of rice is easy to prepare and takes only a few minutes to cook, as it is a precooked rice variety. Pour 1 cup (237 ml) of water over the rice, and stir briefly to combine. Parboiled rice is a type of rice, often white rice, which has been partially cooked during the milling process and then packaged for sale for use in homes and restaurants. Transfer of plant compounds. Substitute For Converted Rice. These steps make the rice easier to process by hand, while also boosting its nutritional profile, changing its texture, and making it more resistant to weevils. Let us know what your thoughts are when it comes to these two very popular rice varieties! Parboiled rice is a better choice as it is a higher quality type of rice and carries bigger nutritional values. Parboiled rice has been partially cooked during the milling process before being packaged for sale. The treatment is practiced in many parts of the world. The vitamins and minerals within the husk are loosened up during the soaking process, then released by the steam and pushed inward into the rice grains due to pressure during the steaming. The process was originally developed in Asian nations to simplify the process of removing the raw white rice from its husk and was later determined to have increased nutritional benefits as well. All you have to do is boil it for five to ten minutes or even just microwave it. At the end of this process the rice can be more easily removed from the husk, while the heating and cooling also serves to gelatinize the starches in the rice, making broken grains inside the husk often reform into whole grains during the process. Learn how to cook the perfect rice every time with three simple tricks. Do you also consider cooking instant rice sometimes? This rice variety goes through a three step parboiling process that includes soaking, steaming and drying of the grains. The rice cooking process consists of several parts including proper rice preparation. Rice expands while cooking so be sure to use a large bowl even if the uncooked rice … Wikibuy Review: A Free Tool That Saves You Time and Money, 15 Creative Ways to Save Money That Actually Work. Copyright © 2020 What is the Best Rice Cooker. Parboiled rice (also called converted rice and easy-cook rice) is rice that has been partially boiled in the husk.The three basic steps of parboiling are soaking, steaming and drying.