Essay on 'The Importance of Farmer' For Class 4 Farmers are the persons because of whom we are living a healthy life, it is because of them that we are able to eat three meals a day. Life of Indian Farmer | Importance in society | Essay for Students. One of the first steps in being a successful farm manager is keeping well-maintained, accurate records and establishing a sound record-keeping system. The life of a farmer is far from glamorous. April 4, 2016. Farmers are responsible for the food we put on our tables three times a day. Free Essay on Farmer – A farmer is one of the most important members of society. Importance of Farmer Education. Whenever a farmer chooses organic agriculture method, he helps in curbing changes in climate via reduction of the release of carbon and greenhouse gases in the environment. Indirect employment At the beginning of the nation or it can be said that at the beginning of the civilization the farmer is the most and prestigious person who has come up with lots of the facility for survival in the world. Help in maintaining ecological balance: Destruction of trees and urbanization are two important factors that causes a lot of damage to the nature. Farmers — beginning and experienced — are critical to creating rural prosperity in the United States. Farmers markets allow small farmers to interact directly with consumers. The food system remains within the local economy by being locally produced and eliminates the need for long-distance transportation. He gets up early in the morning and goes to his fields. Here are just 4 reasons why: 4 Reasons Our Farmers Are Important. Farmers play an important part in our daily lives. NIFA initiatives increase farmers’ knowledge in these areas and help them adopt practices that are profitable, environmentally sound, and contribute to quality of life. Importance of agriculture in employment. Further, as a technician for farm machines like tractors, harvester, farm cutting machines, etc. Our American farmers are crucial to our economy and are vitally important to us. Agriculture The Importance of Farmers’ Rights Geoffrey Hawtin. The problem is that this backbone (our farmer) is suffering from many problems. 96% of farms owned in this country are family owned farms. Direct employment. Now-a-days, in a number of states, the days of ploughing the fields with the […] It is because of them that we are not finding difficulty to produce our own food, they should be the one's who should be most respected in the society. Agriculture provides direct employment for farmers, daily wage workers. . The importance of keeping farm records in agricultural production. The importance of a farmer is in the importance of the food you feed yourself and your family. The opportunity to purchase locally grown food proves invaluable as the demand for it rises. 0 Our genetic reservoir of food-producing plants is in danger as farmers switch from traditional varieties in favour of new ones. Fourthly, with urbanization and deforestation on the rise, the role and importance of a farmer in sustaining the environment have become even more relevant. The average farmer provides food for 155 American families. Farmers play a vital role in our daily lives. Essay on Importance of Indian Farmer – Essay 2 (300 words) Introduction. Local Economic Power: Farming is a huge boon to our local economy. I think the farmer plays the same role for our country as the backbone plays for the human body. In rural areas, agriculture is one of the biggest sources of employment. The Importance of Farmers’ Rights. Farmers play a critical role in preserving the environment. He is the giver of food to the people, to all practical purposes. in Newsletter. Sometimes, many of them can’t even afford two square meals a day.