Practice with samples or scraps to try a simple straight seam. How to Wind and Insert a Sewing Machine Bobbin, How to Fix Bobbin Thread Bunching and Other Threading Problems, How to Use a Take-Up Lever on a Sewing Machine, Troubleshooting Common Sewing Machine Problems, 6 Common Sewing Machines Problems and How to Solve Them, Sewing Machine Operation Instructions and Basics, How to Fix Skipping Stitches on Your Sewing Machine, Adjusting Tension Disks on a Sewing Machine, Sewing Machine Stitches: Which Stitch to Use and When. Match the needle size to the thread size. Wrap the thread securely around the bobbin six times by hand. Gently pull on the thread to remove any slack. Tools for Self Reliance: Getting Started - How A Sewing Machine Works. Hold the loose end of the thread until the thread is firmly … Although sewing machines come in different sizes and models, the mechanism for making a stitch on a home sewing machine is the same—it makes stitches by combining the needle thread with a second thread coming from the bobbin. She has designed training materials for business and adult education classes. Watch for any thread to flap around. Look for a take-up mechanism. The thread will now go down on the left side of the take-up lever. Thread the sewing machine needle. Hold both threads and press on the foot pedal. Some machines are set up so the thread will slide into this while others require you to place the thread through a hole. Incorrect threading - Here you just have to rethread your machine making sure to hit all the key points on your way to the needle. Check the top of your machine for a diagram before you place your thread spool. If your stitching is uneven, that means the tension needs an adjustment. Threading a new home sewing machine is the first thing to learn. How to Thread an old New Home Sewing Machine The instructions given here are for an old New Home treadle machine Step 1: Place the spool of thread in its position and pull the thread end around the first knob and under the tension spring. Older sewing machines do not have a needle threader; thread them using a hand needle threader. All sewing machines are threaded in a similar way. ; The needle is broken or dull - Simply replace the needle with a new one that is made for your machine. Also, make sure the pressure is just right. After sewing five to six stitches, release the threads. Be sure to use sewing machine thread instead of hand sewing thread. Some machines are set up so the thread will slide into this while others require you to place the thread through a hole. Some machines have a small diagram on top that shows where the thread spool should go. Debbie is an award-winning seamstress and tailor who wrote sewing content for over 18 years for The Spruce Crafts. Slide the thread into the needle bar thread guide on the needle assembly. [1] X Research source Place your spool of thread on the top of the sewing machine, on the spool pin. However, because sewing machines are often handed down or picked up at a yard sale, the instructions are often long gone and you'll have to look online to find your sewing machine manual. She specializes in how-to articles for eHow about gardening, computer software, crafts and children. Run the machine until the bobbin is wound. Slide the upper and lower threads under the presser foot. run the thread down the line on the front of the machine and under and to the left and head back up the thread guide towards the take up lever. Use a good quality thread to prevent excess lint in the machine. This is the area on the front of the machine which will go up and down when you turn the hand wheel. Draw the thread down and under the thread guide, then back up and over take-up lever, and down again. Cut the thread when the machine stops. put your thread through the hole at the front of the take up lever. Pull the tail up and out with your fingers. The spool should be turned so that the thread will be released counter-clockwise. Thread the needle with the needle threader. Turn the wheel on the right side of the machine forward by hand to lower the threaded needle down into the bobbin case. Wrap the thread securely around the bobbin six times by hand. She has a bachelor's degree in business administration with a minor degree in computer programming from Lourdes College. Sometimes the spool pin is located on the back of the machine or on the side, near the bobbin winder. If this happens, you have probably missed a thread guide. Slide the thread from the spool end securely under the tension pin on the top left. The needle bar thread guide is a bar with a slot or a ring with an opening for the thread. Wrap the thread behind the thread guide on the left of the spool pin, with your left hand. Get DIY project ideas and easy-to-follow crafts to help you spruce up your space. Sharon Koss started writing professionally in 1989. Always thoroughly clean and oil any machine before running it. You can still work your machine, but it won't get ahead of you. Release the thread from your right hand.