And now, it's yours: Mix it into your routine two or three times … (For a sample workout… This 20-minute workout, developed by Julianne's trainer, Astrid Swan, torches cals and keeps Ms. Hough confident on the floor. All you need for this dancer's body workout is a sturdy chair or countertop to hold on to and a mat, towel, or carpeted surface. Moving to the music can make you happier, smarter, and a whole lot healthier—here are the best dance workouts. Get ready to hit the dance floor! Dancing is a whole-body workout that's actually fun.. Dancer-Friendly Outdoor Workouts Plyometrics: Working on your jump training at home can be difficult and dangerous in a cramped space without a sprung floor, but outdoor plyometrics—on a more forgiving surface like turf or grass—can give you the conditioning you crave. Warm up by marching in place 100 times as you swing your arms. How It Works. Aug 6, 2012 Ture Lillegraven. Do … By selene yeager.