In an effort to save her captive X-Team members, Storm challenges Callisto to a duel. How did Storm get her powers? Storm is one of the most powerful mutants on Earth and has demonstrated a plethora of abilities, most of which are facets of her power to manipulate the weather. It has become evident over the years that her power is heightened by these beliefs, but it has taken a more central role recently in Wakanda. Knowledgeable of her power from a young age, she developed control over the elements early in life, with her strength and abilities only continuing to grow as she matured. Although her new sewer-dwelling followers rejected her offer to return to the X-Mansion with the heroes for refuge, they did take heed of her only decree as ruler: that they stop harming humans. Fortunately, the bright glow that the energy gave her body attracted a young celestial being named Acanti. Ororo Munroe, also known as Storm, is the descendant of an ancient line of African priestesses, all of whom have white hair, blue eyes, and the potential to wield magic. Despite being powerless, Storm wins the battle, piercing a lethal strike through Callisto’s heart and automatically becoming ruler of the Morlocks. All in all, the Storm in Apocalypse is pretty similar to the Storm in the original X-Men comics. The Shadow King has long plagued the X-Men, holding a significant grudge against Professor X. The only thing that makes Ororo more powerful than a fully-fledged weather goddess is that she has recently displayed the powers of an Omega-level mutant. Ororo’s role in Wakanda was incredibly important when she first married T’Challa and became the nation’s queen. Answer Save. Only the worthy should yield the thunderous power of Asgard, and Storm has proven herself to be capable on numerous occasions. NEXT: Matthew Malloy: Is He Really Marvel’s Strongest Omega-Level Mutant? Storm isn’t confined to adventuring in her own realm. Storm is one of the most powerful mutants and has demonstrated a plethora of abilities, most of which are facets of her power to control the weather. When she’s not working towards her dream of becoming the J Jonah Jameson of comics publishing, she enjoys roller derby, horror movies, and live/loud music. In the movie, however, Apocalypse gets to her first. While Storm finally knew she had to return to her home dimension to rejoin the X-Men and protect her own reality, M’Rinn gifted her with the Cameo Crystal, which would allow Storm to locate and open a portal which would take her back to M’Rinn’s kingdom. Storm, Prodigy, Moonstar and Polaris were de-powered; Storm got her powers back, Polaris got new powers, and Prodigy and Moonstar just do without. It's been a while since I've read the comics!!! Recent events have shown that Storm can go toe-to-toe with the galaxy’s most powerful mutants – combined – and subdue them. RELATED: Storm's … After all, she doesn’t need a magical hammer or mantle to harness the power of the weather! She's struggling to get by, using her powers to survive — a stark difference from the Storm we all know, who uses her powers to protect innocent lives. Storm has proven time and again that she’s a brilliant, capable leader, having overseen many iterations of the X-Men. Hopefully, fans will get to learn even more about this new Storm in future films. After saving a traveler from an alternate dimension named M’Rinn from a dinosaur attack in the Savage Land, Storm accompanied the stranger back to this new dimension. Born Ororo Munroe, her mother, N'Daré, was the princess of a tribe in Kenya, who married the American photojournalist, David Munroe, and moved with him to Manhattan, where Ororo was born.When Ororo was six months old, she and her parents moved to Cairo, Egypt an… Wolverine: 5 Worst Tragedies He's Suffered (& 5 He's Prevented), DC: 5 Reasons Darkseid Is Superman’s Archenemy (& 5 It’s Lex Luthor), Wolverine: 10 Things Logan Forgot About His Past, The First 10 Villains Batman Added To His Rogues Gallery, 10 Major Comic Storylines That Inspired The DCAU, Power Pack Blasts Off Into Marvel's Outlawed Crossover Event, X of Swords: Destruction Closes Out the X-Men Crossover in Grand Fashion, Spider-Man: Why Roxxon Is Marvel's BIGGEST Hidden Threat, The Other History of the DC Universe Puts a New Spin on Classic DC Lore, Death Metal: The Multiverse Who Laughs Offers Twists Takes on Familiar Favorites, Dune: The Graphic Novel Book 1 Is an Accessible, Faithful Adaptation, 10 Best Superheroes Named After Birds, Ranked, 5 Superpowers The Spectre Has Over Ghost Rider (& 5 He Doesn't), DCEU: 10 Characters Who Have Outlived Their Importance, Batman Beyond: 10 Things Comic Readers Know That Fans Of The Show Don't, Star Wars: 10 Must-Read Comic Storylines From Disney Canon, 10 Marvel Villains That Don't Have An Archenemy, Marvel: 10 Characters With Prehensile Hair, Justice League: 5 DC Villains That Should Be Able To Beat Them (& Why They Can't), 10 Marvel Retcons That Made The Comic Books Better, 10 Things Avengers: The Extinction Key Tells Us About the Gamerverse, Every DC Comic Storyline You Should Read Before Doomsday Clock (In Order). If any act is worthy of finally earning Omega-level status, this might be it! Following the events of X-Men: Days of Future Past, in which Mystique outed herself as a mutant and saved the President, creating more peaceful relations between mutants and humans, Storm idolizes Mystique. however, her powers didn't emerge until she was older. Instead, she rallied the X-Men and declared war against the Inhumans, desperate to fight for their right to live freely in the world. She can hold her own against some of Marvel’s toughest brawlers if they can get close enough to her. The potential of Storm’s power is phenomenal, only limited by her imagination and self-control. Storm possesses the psionic ability to control all forms of weather over vast areas. It's Apocalypse who helps nurture Storm's abilities, not Charles. As Apocalypse goes on, it might be easy to label Storm a villain due to her alliance with Apocalypse, but Shipp doesn't see it that way. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. After finding her way to the X-Mansion, she has become a trusted ally and confidante for Charles Xavier, a favored teacher in the academy, and a respected leader when she’s headed the ranks of different X-Teams. When we first meet Storm in Apocalypse, she is living in Cairo, using her powers to help her steal from the local merchants, just as her character, Ororo Munroe, did in the comics. As a mutant she was simply born with them. Dickey also changed it so that Storm saw her parents' dead bodies. So that's why little Ororo Munroe survived while her parents didn't. She has been able to control both Earthly and extraterrestrial ecosystems on several occasions. Hammer Time: 10 Characters Who Lifted Mjolnir Who Are More Worthy Than Thor (And 10 Who Aren't). She can control the Storm. Despite her weather manipulating powers, Storm is quite a fierce hand-to-hand combatant. "I don't necessarily see her as a bad person, or as a bad mutant. ...You're seeing all the pain that she's gone through. In Uncanny X-Men #170, Callisto – the leader of an underground mutant group called the Morlocks – sets her sights on marrying Angel. In fact, Shipp researched for the role by reading every comic book she could get her hands on, but one thing you can't get from the original stories is the infamous Storm accent. How 3 detectives cracked Michael Jackson case. They formed a thick and fast friendship as they protected and governed side by side, with M’Rinn coming to view Storm as a daughter. Her mother, N'Dare, was the princess of a tribe in Kenya. She married the American photojournalist David Munroe and moved with him to Manhattan, where Ororo was born. With Omega-level Legion becoming possessed by the Omega-level Nate Grey, the remainder of the X-Men struggled to get their attacks in before Storm showed up and single-handedly stunned the Nate-Legion hybrid. It's part of what makes Storm so susceptible to Apocalypse's charms. That was probably a bit more realistic. In Uncanny X-Men #170, Callisto – the leader of an underground mutant group called the Morlocks – sets her sights on marrying Angel. 2020 Bustle Digital Group. After praying to Bast, the Panther Goddess, to help her convince the possessed kingdom of Wakanda that she was, in fact, their rightful queen, she traveled to San Francisco to confront the X-Men. As a mutant, she was born with the abilities she has but it wasn't until she was young, in the desert after she left Cairo and didn't have anything to … All Storm wants is a place to belong. When he returned years later (in X-Men #201), clearly miserable about juggling his duties as a new father and X-Leader, Ororo wasn’t simply going to hand her hard-earned position back to Cyclops and suggested they fight for the role. The effects are astounding, and only the memory of her best friend, Jean Grey, helps Ororo to contain the power she is unleashing upon Latveria. Berry's Storm accent has been a sore subject for decades, so there wasn't too much pressure for Shipp to copy her performance. Able to control atoms, she can manipulate weather, control tsunamis, breathe underwater, and also seemingly conjure solar winds in deep space.