Higher-weight (e.g., thicker, denser) fabrics typically have higher Arc Flash Rating and provide increased protection (as does the layering of FR clothing). Insulation – Flame resistant clothing gives the wearer insulation from the higher degrees of burn (2nd and 3rd degree) through the garments and can lessen the impact on the area directly affected by the incident. An ATPV/EBT is a rating assigned to flame-resistant clothing indicating the level of protection provided. To many, it means a fabric whose FR properties are topical and/or temporary. Understanding the ins and outs of FR clothing can go a long way toward protecting oil and gas workers from burn injuries and fatalities. Who needs FR clothing? Daily wear includes, but is not limited to: knit or button front FR shirts, work pants or FR jeans and coveralls. What does "treated" mean as applied to the FR clothing market? For instance anyone who works in a foundry or refinery environment, dealing with flam cutting and welding, firefighters, any one in an aluminum casing or petrochemical industry, as well as electrical utility and the chemical, oil, and mining industries. FR Clothing and the "269" Standard.OSHA issued an interpretation memorandum that provides guidance for complying with the apparel requirements. Find flame resistant clothes such as coveralls, insulated bib overalls, duck canvas jackets, liners, zip-up hoodies, long sleeve FR henley shirts, and green duck work pants from leading brands, such as GRIT by PK Safety, Berne, MCR, NSA, PIP, Rasco, and Saf-Tech. Gear up from head to toe in FR clothing to shield yourself from the dangers of a hazardous environment. Wearing FR clothing helps to reduce burn injury and contains burns to the body surface directly related to the area of origin. There’s a lot to learn when it comes to implementing an effective FR clothing program, but the following A-to-Z glossary of FR protection is a great place to start. Be sure to check the arc rating to confirm that the garment will provide the necessary protection. There’s a new acronym in the world of PPE, and it has been causing confusion, both among folks new to the subject as well as those long familiar with FR (Flame Resistant) clothing. Shop all HRC 2 clothing. NOTE: Not all daily wear is compliant to hazard risk category 2. Anyone who works with a risk of ignition in the workplace. This memorandum provides information on acceptable types of clothing and on the employer's assessment of the hazards. Protective Clothing; The ABCs of FR Clothing. The most trusted names in FR and PPE - Bulwark® FR, Workrite® Fire Service, and Bulwark® CP together to form the ultimate one-stop safety solution.