This Chinese raw fish salad is typically made with salmon. Image and content submitted by: Campbell & Alya/Stingy Nomads. We can’t talk about best seafood around the world without mentioning sushi, arguably one of the most iconic, ubiquitous – and delicious – of Japan’s cultural contributions. Image and content submitted by: Katy Clarke from Sweet, succulent red mullet never needs more than a quick pan-fry. Fish and chips is an English classic. Originating in Japan, sushi is immensely popular across the world. Here are 14 seafood dishes from around the world that you need to try. Image and content submitted by: Michelle from This broth-like soup originates from Russia. Chef Meurin and his team select scallops from the region and cut them after they have spent 20 minutes cooling in a freezer, so that they slice thinly and evenly. But in Bahia it most commonly reflects the Afro-Brazilian influence and always includes chile peppers, palm oil and coconut milk. Our favourite place for a fish curry in Goa is Anandashram in Fontainhas, Panjim for their shrimp curry thali, or Dropadi on Palolem Beach for Fish Curry with a view! It is the best seafood dish in the world because of its rich flavors. In Andalusia, in Southern Spain, there is a fascination with fish, due to its enviable position along the Mediterranean. Strange Fish Dishes from Around the World Posted by Anna Jones On March 16, 2020 In Healthy Eating No comments Fish lovers who enjoy trying new things will be glad to know about all the different meal options the world has to offer. From the south east of Brazil, Moqueca is several centuries old. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information. It is one of the best tapas to eat in Seville, particularly because it is one that many people have never heard of before. Cream and seasoning is added to complete the dish. Often it’s the simple dishes are the most tasty and memorable. A seamingly simple dish, but almost addictive. It's often served with sweet potato. The fish used is usually tuna, and it is made with cassava, tomatoes, and red onions. It is often served with rice and peas. The Goan fish curry is sour and spicy in taste, and although recipes vary, include coconut and kokum – both characteristic of Goan cuisine. This is a noodle-based dish is combined with egg, veggies and, of course, shrimp. Other ingredients include lime, chili, garlic and shrimp paste. While in Bangkok, I not only got to eat shrimp pad thai, but make it in a cooking class! The outside is blackened with a nice crunchy texture and the inside is chewy and juicy. Image and content submitted by: Amber Hoffman from Image and content submitted by: Arielle Abroad. Best seafood dishes around the world – Brazilian Shrimp Soup, Brazil. Singapore Chilli Crab is one Singapore’s most iconic dishes, and alongside the Pepper Crab, the island nation’s best known seafood dish. From the city of Marseille in France, this fish stew usually contains red rascasse (scorpion fish), triglidae, and European conger. More people around the world are eating fish and seafood than ever before. This fish stew, from the Catalonia region of Spain, is often made with monkfish and  shellfish. Check out the best seafood dishes around the world as suggested by my fellow travel and food bloggers. Image and content submitted by: Josh Shephard – The Lost Passport. One place in particular to find Geang Som Curry is Koh Mook, Trat Province. Environment Sustainability. I can’t think of anything better than having a long lunch on the canals in Venice eating pasta with lobster. Image and content submitted by: Stuart Forster of Go Eat Do. Often, onions and garlic are also added. The origins of Singapore Chilli Crab go back to the 1950’s, when Cher Yam Tian added chilli, instead of tomato sauce, to her family crab recipe. Chef Marc Meurin, who holds two Michelin stars for his Le Meurin Restaurant, at Le Chateau de Beaulieu at Busnes in northern France’s Pas de Calais department.