To do both your accompanist and yourself a favor, choose songs that are not incredibly difficult to sight-read if they fall outside the realm of standard audition repertoire. Audition panels rarely grant a singer more than seven to ten minutes to present his or her best possible singing. By clicking Accept or "X", you hereby accept and agree to the updated privacy policy. UPC: 888680622367 For example, “Have peace, Jo” from Mark Adamo’s opera. 64 pages. Though a singer rarely gets the opportunity to sing through an entire package during an audition, he or she should consider the following steps when deciding on audition repertoire in order to best prepare for a successful audition experience: Below, I’ve listed a selection of soprano audition songs organized into categories based on potential specifications. Vocal Collection She began teaching while pursuing her undergraduate degree and has since expanded her studio to include a wide range of ages, styles, and experience levels. - 'Tis me, O Lord (Standin' in de need of pray'r) Burleigh (arr.) Congratulations! Sopranos have incredible range. A lesser used alternative to the soprano favorite, "Many A New Day." - I stood on de Ribber ob Jerdon. Harold Milligan) • THE BLUE-BELL (Edward MacDowell) • CLOUD-SHADOWS (James H. Rogers) • COME BACK! Her Musika teaching profile can be found here. (HL.48019047). Turn this solo into a duet and you're golden. Music & Lyrics: Richard Rodgers/Oscar Hammerstein II. & Pages While it’s not entirely inappropriate to include one “stretch” piece, the majority of your package should be appropriate for your current abilities and vocal maturity. Length: 12.0" (Roger Quilter) • CORALS (Bryceson Treharne) • DANNY BOY (Old Irish Air) • DREAM VALLEY (Roger Quilter) • GO 'WAY FROM MY WINDOW (John Jacob Niles) • THE LASS FROM THE LOW COUNTREE (John Jacob Niles) • LONGING (Samuel Barber) • MUSIC, WHEN SOFT VOICES DIE (Samuel Barber) • MY LOVER IS A FISHERMAN (Lily Strickland) • RIBBON BOW (John Jacob Niles) • THE SKY ABOVE THE ROOF (Ralph Vaughan Williams) • SLUMBER SONG (Alexander Gretchaninoff) • THE STATUE AT CZARSKOE-SELO (César Cui) • THIS LITTLE ROSE (William Roy) • THY LOVE (Samuel Barber) • YOUNG LOVE LIES SLEEPING (Arthur Somervell)“During the past 25 years, I have used the majority of Boytim's anthologies. IPA Source has arias for 21 of Donizetti's operas and dozens of his French and Italian arts songs available. Cadman - At Dawning. Keep in mind that the more obscure your audition selection, the less likely the pianist will be familiar with it. Editor: Vocal Collection, Composer: Available for soprano, mezzo-soprano, tenor, and baritone, with unique repertoire for each voice Prices and availability subject to change without notice. Various, Sample Composer: Contents for the soprano volume include: AMERICAN LULLABY (Gladys Rich) • BENEATH A WEEPING WILLOW'S SHADE (Francis Hopkinson, arr. Sopranos. Memorize, practice, and rehearse each song thoroughly before you even consider putting it in front of an audition panel. Make sure each song represents roles that you could perform tomorrow, if need be, rather than “stretch” pieces that show future potential. Prepare, prepare, prepare! Contents for the soprano volume include: AMERICAN LULLABY (Gladys Rich) • BENEATH A WEEPING WILLOW'S SHADE (Francis Hopkinson, arr. Check and DOUBLE CHECK audition requirements—the level of specificity of song choice will vary from company to company, so the singer must take the time to research requirements and prepare a package based on those exact specifications. Burleigh (arr.) Chenoweth, McDonald, Benanti, O’Hara, and you! While these songs represent a fraction of potential soprano audition repertoire, they will provide a starting point for any auditionee new to the process: “There Stands a Little Man” from Hansel and Gretel by Engelbert Humperdinck (English/ German), “When I Have Sung My Songs” by Ernest Charles (English), “Sure on this shining night” by Samuel Barber, “Ach, ich fühl’s” from The Magic Flute by W.A. Anthologies devoted to specific styles and languages of soprano repertoire exist in abundance today.