protective gear) 4 %What advice do candidates give for interviewing at DHL . Waste of TIME! Experience. It felt good to help. The final step of the DHL interview process usually includes a meeting with a supervisor or director at the location of desired employment. Interview questions at DHL. 4 % Recruitment Agency. I work overtime hours when they are requested of me. Commonly asked questions, as reported by candidates. I got an email to find out where to do my drug screen. 300 Interview Reviews. The Director delve further into the expectations for the position. Experience 47 Ratings. Having hobbies and interests outside of work is a vital part of maintaining a healthy work/life balance. After that, I scheduled for an interview with the supervisor that following week. The General Manager was so RUDE! Be polite and stay professional. At this point I've spent roughly 45 mins on the phone. The interviewer is looking for evidence that you have some basic knowledge of the logistics industry. Your answer should reveal that you have researchedDHL Logistics as well as their competitors. Read more interview questions at DHL. I do like to know that my efforts are noticed. When I arrived there were six other people and the supervisor took us to a room to do a one-on-one interview. ", "Although I am new to the logistics industry, I believe that LTL is related to the shipping of partial loads. 7 % Other. It's tough to choose the one I feel is best because you have so many great options. Applied Online. At this point, I am no longer interested. 2 % Other. Dress code for the interview. Answered 2 November 2017 - Store Person (Former Employee) - Homebush NSW. The best way to do this is to find out what they value and need, and then show them how I can help them to meet those needs.". Scenario questions mostly about your past work history. The process took 2 weeks. "I prefer working in a more predictable environment because I can be more effective in my tasks. "I have been eager to find a place in your company for some time now. 10 % Recruiter. The interviewer is looking for evidence that you have some basic knowledge of the logistics industry. "From the research that I have conducted, my understanding is that your primary customer base is small business owners looking for fast and affordable service, while still enjoying a personalized experience. Getting an Interview. Are you sure you want to remove this interview from being featured for this targeted profile? Previous jobs references. Read more interview questions at DHL. How candidates got an interview. Or, maybe they focus only on custom business solutions for large-scale companies. After I left the interview, I contacted the recruiter with that feedback. protective gear) 5 %What advice do candidates give for interviewing at DHL . 46 % In-Person. Huh? Choose the aspect of their organization that stands out most to you. To prepare, check out the company website and online reviews. Talk about the values of DHL Logistics and how those align well with your work values. I waiting another week and after emailing a second time I have not gotten a response. 17 % Negative. WHAT IS IT THAT YOU CAN OFFER US IN THIS ROLE. 2 % Difficulty 47 Ratings. dress slacks) 17 % Special outfit (e.g. 65 % Neutral. Also, you could offer me additional, and more senior, responsibilities.". Getting an Interview. Applied Online. Your answer should reflect the ways that DHL Logistics stands out in the industry. The interview went smoothly and communication was very good throughout the process. Our interview questions and answers are created by experienced recruiters and interviewers. ", "I do prefer when the workplace is organized, and I am prepared for my daily tasks ahead of time. Interview questions and answer examples and any other content may be used else where on the site. Preview work experience in warehouse. They asked that because they don’t expect you to EVER take time off! With that said, I am here to learn. Of course, she never did actually get back, either via email, phone, text, mail, smoke signal nor carrier pigeon.And this is how I was treated as previous successful director level employee. Talk to the interviewer about the activities that interest you outside of the workplace. Very laid back questions but I'm only contracted to work at Bedford untill august . Perhaps their customer base is made up primarily of small business owners. Are you sure you want to replace it? Interviews at DHL Express. Downvote. Our goal is to create interview questions and answers that will best prepare you for your interview, and that means we do not want you to memorize our answers. As a previous manager, I understand the value of employee honesty.". 4 % Recruitment Agency. Formal (business suit) 54 % Business casual (e.g. - Humble ", "My understanding is that your primary customer base is currently medium-sized businesses but that you are now refocusing to target enterprise level businesses. Then she says "tell me about your sales experience." I regularly check your company careers site for opportunities. Show the interviewer that you can identify the value in their service. Then the recruiter said there might be just a little bit of operations duties, but not the whole job (I said okay that is fine).When I got to the in person interview, first of all I was shocked they didn’t do a simple video interview because of the CORONAVIRUS! Also, the PAY is TERRIBLE! They were just looking down reading from a piece of paper. 14 % Recruiter. 20 % Negative. By doing this, you are going to extra mile to show the interviewer your keen interest in DHL Logistics. ", "Although I am new to the logistics industry, I believe that ASN is related to shipping notices. I applied through a recruiter. Given the amount of time that has passed with no update, I have given up on hearing anything and I am posting this contribution as if no offer was given. From lifework staffing agent.