Curly hair tends to be dry; oily curly hair is a pain in the tuchis. Short curly hair is beautiful and can look stylish on all women. From now on, the only time you get to comb your hair is when it’s wet. Hey, curly friends! Fortunately, short haircuts for curly hair are easy to get and simple to style, if you have the right look in mind. With so many cute hairstyles for short curly hair, girls have a number of trendy styles to choose from. There are a lot of videos and blog posts about the Curly Girl Method, and it can be very overwhelming, so I highly recommend you read the book to start with the basics.. And step-by-step instructions for haircuts and styling with photos, tips for thick and thin hair will help you choose the right options for yourself. So read up.) Today I'm going to show you how I like to revive and refresh my fine, short curly hair. If you’re on the hunt for the heat that won’t ruin your curls, check out 10 hair dryers for curly hair and 5 heat protectants proven to preserve your curls. If you follow these steps for your Type 2 to 3 fine curly hair, you should also have fabulous curls two to four days after you have washed it. Girls with straight hair are constantly envious of the owners of curly hair. The Pineapple + Satin Pillowcase Method Her 2011 book, Curly Girl Method: The Handbook – an updated edition is now available – changed the lives of many a curly-haired girl who had no idea how to make the very best out of their hair, through styling methods and a new understanding of the hair products they use. The number one bete noire of the curly girl is the split end, which we get with alarming frequency. Curly Girl Problems offers you 78 total solutions to the five most common Curly Girl Method problems, including frizz, curl clumps, limp curls, product issues, and scalp issues. And you only use a comb with big, widely-spaced teeth. We have selected for you more than 10 fashionable haircuts for curly short, medium, and long hair. 3. Click here to learn more! It feels good when brands design products with your specific hair type in mind. Essentially, the method is no sulfate, no drying alcohols, no silicone, no heat. The curly girl method can be properly researched in the Curly Girl Handbook by Lorraine Massey, which is basically the Curly Girl Bible.. Nina Sultan here! The Bed Head Curls in Check Diffuser Hair Dryer was created to help you keep and maintain your curl pattern. For more on the Curly Girl Method, check out these posts: The Curly Girl Method 101, My Curly Hair Journey, My Curly Hair Routine.