Contents . @Paraka I actually never played Conker because my parents were strict, it does look like this sort of humor died in the 90's...that being said I would love HD remakes of Boogerman and Earthworm Jim. I mean, would I play it today? There is a myriad of reasons behind the birth and death of themes and genres all the time. Last year at E3 a trailer for Project Spark was shown and at the v 8 Studio head Tim Stamper saw this, found it hilarious and instructed them to "do more of that". It honestly shows off how the creative aspect of gaming has really been shelved in favor of predictable trends and safe directions. @Menardi - I don't think I am dismissing the reasons for it. conker squirrel conkerthesquirrel letsplayer youtubefanart moonywings. Conker has always been portrayed with his trademarked orange-red fur, with tan-yellow patches of fur on his torso and bottom part of his face, and a blue hue in his eyes. Conker the Squirrel. Growing up, as any normal parent would sermon, Conker the Squirrel was taught not to be greedy and to refrain from alcoholic beverages. I agree with your general sentiment about the decline in Nicktoons and their quality, though. Though, as stated above, nothing more than a remake of a previous adventure, Conker: Live & Reloaded does feature several new gaming elements in it. I would say TMNT is no more a Nick IP than Doug is a Disney IP. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Instead, Conker was replaced by Dixie Kong. It's also worth mentioning that the nineties happened to be a golden age of creativity in many ways, with then-smaller and up-and-coming companies like Nickelodeon expanding their cartoon catalogue by allowing creators incredible creative leniency in the content they produced (see Ren & Stimpy, Rocko's Modern Life), which made for timeless classics people still enjoy to this day. Just like 3D platformers and JRPGs experienced death going into the 00s. Companies are becoming larger and more corporate, and their products feature content that is increasingly produced and screened to simultaneously appeal to everyone while taking care to avoid offending even the smallest demographic. Join the community to add your comment. In fact, he was originally gonna star in Twelve Tales: Conker 64. This wasn’t just the average gross-out humour, but had an underlying intelligence and wit that transcended that genre. I loved the richness and variety on BFD. This isn't me lamenting on those times, just observation of the theme overall, it's dead. Not just on nostalgia, as you said, it took perspectives that are otherwise shallow acknowledgements these days. "WHEEEE! 143 + Follow - Unfollow Posted on: Sep 17, 2020 . Probably just GameStop/EB. This is similar to Banjo who becomes replaced by Tiny Kong. Reply. While currently portrayed by Rare as a vulgar, adult-oriented figure (as seen in mature-rated games such as Conker's … After defeating the Evil Acorn, Conker and Berri returned home with Conker's presents, a happy ending. I always saw Conker as the video game equivalent of Family Guy or South Park (I'd actually say it's slightly closer to the former with how much it likes cramming in random pop culture references). Conker may refer to: . Joke Alert! Could Rare Replay be coming to the Switch? Controls made for a frustrating experience for me. List of questions in Swanky's Bonus Bonanza, Conker the Squirrel is the protagonist of the Conker series of games made by Rare Ltd. Maybe, but society hasn't taking a liking to such currently. Time to F some S up! And this? To me that is what gaming was all about. Cartoons just aren't that diverse anymore. Already a deviant? Maybe you have to be British to fully appreciate that - it’s decidedly British humour. Wed 19th Feb 2020; @outsider83 Well, Twelve Tales I think started development around 1998. After a series of misadventures involving things such as vampires, killer robots, dinosaurs, zombies, cavemen, and living globs of poo that sing, Conker finds himself involved in a bank robbery with Berri and the mob boss Don Weaso. The beginning of the game would had Conker escaping from the tallest tower of the castle. Conker the Squirrel is, as his name states, a squirrel who originated from Willow Woods, Conker is also a long-time friend of Diddy Kong. Will it surge back? Rare originally designed Conker to be part of the. Conker the Squirrel is an anthropomorphic squirrel starring in various video games. It may have crude humor and be silly, but it is actually one of the more challenging 3D platformers. In his next appearance, Conker's Bad Fur Day, Conker, now older and surlier, ends up having a little too much to drink at a local bar and winds-up wandering in the direction opposite of his house. That is until i actually caved and played it. I don't think the genre is dead, as Mario Odyssey will show. A red squirrel who goes on one fucked up adventure. Really loved the contrast and how different it was when compared to something like Glover. Eventually Conker is betrayed by Don Weaso, who was working under the Panther King, and forced to watch as Berri is gunned down under the order of the Panther King. @Paraka I appreciate your input. He looks so cool! A little gift for the German Let's Player Conker das Eichhörnchen ... May 20, 2020. chrisredfield1994. Doubt I'd touch Boogerman for similar reasons. He wore white gloves that appeared to blend in with his fur. No variety either. It's like Banjo kazooie on crack! Designer Chris Seavor stated that the plot had Conker was awaiting for his execution (from wasting all the money on parties and hookers). To me this honestly has a lot to do with why I have been slowly losing interest in new games over the years. @magnumc500 - They attempted crowdfunding for new games, I think only EWJ got funded. As for what content is being made today, industries have adapted to compete in a content-rich age in which only the companies with the largest, most consistent base make an impact. Conker is timeless, the only thing that's changed is you, my friend! Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. The reason why you "hardly hear" about media with a proverbial edge these days is simply due to the internet's huge impact on our media consumption culture. I was resisting this game for the longest time due to the vulgar nature of it. I would disagree that niches like these have "died" in the internet age, rather they are amplified and discussed more today than they were then, which is one positive thing about living in these times. Same thing. A desire to be different and some serendipitous daftness were key factors in Conker's tonal shift, explains voice of Bad Fur Day's big dung pile and Senior Engineer, Fangamer's Talking Conker Plush Comes With Brand New Voice Lines, Pre-Orders Now Open, Rare Developer Elaborates On Conker's 'Tonal Shift' From Twelve Tales To Bad Fur Day.