Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant make listening to radio, controlling smart devices, and creating reminders as simple as asking for it. Petra the Parrot appears to have learned some new tricks and shows them off … Alexa returns Rocco’s love by letting the bird use her for his shopping needs. May 17, 2018 . "Enabling Alexa opens up a whole new world for customers using our WiFi-enabled controllers," said Nick Kelsch, senior product manager for Rain Bird controllers. "The whole family uses it as it's in the main part of the house. Helpful. This is probably the weirdest thing you’ll see today. ... NAWT reported on Friday that Rocco has "fallen in love" with Wischnewski's Alexa device. A PARROT has fallen in love with his owner’s Amazon Alexa — but keeps using it to order shopping. Here’s how to pick. he asked lots of things, like “how fast do bison run?” and “what is infinity?” he was so, so into her smart and fascinating answers. So far he has demanded treats such as … African Grey parrot Rocco started talking to Alexa and ended up nearly placing shopping order. 0. The stray bird came into the care of the National Animal ... talking to an Amazon Alexa Echo assistant. when you ask it to talk to your parrot it wants you to have alexa tell you parrot facts because it doesnt know how to ralk to your parrot. TUCSON, AZ (Feb. 14, 2018) — Users of Rain Bird controllers featuring the company's LNK™ WiFi Module can now "talk" to their irrigation systems, thanks to Amazon's popular voice-activated personal assistant, Alexa. 14 Shares. so so sweet! Behold the Wonders of Dr. Read Next. Read more. my five-year-old son anton talked to alexa at the first time while staying with friends last week. A clever parrot has been filmed talking to Amazon's Alexa and ordering the virtual assistant to turn off the lights. An African grey parrot is going viral after prompting an Amazon Echo (Alexa) to turn the lights off. Strange Edited Over Footage from a Water Park. You Have to See This Bird Talking to Alexa by RELEVANT. “Alexa, talk to my parrot” ... it will repeat what you say whick i can do myself while home and talking to my bird.