This also includes directions on how to freeze them and how to air fry from frozen. This includes bacon, ground beef, and sausage. Let the puff pastry thaw at room temperature for at least 20 minutes before you use it. You can also use a pie crust or homemade dough. If you use meat, be sure to cook it before you add it. Add your favorite toppings then crimp to seal. From pizzas to cookies and everything in between, air fryers are perfect. This uses a store bought puff pastry for a crust, so it's quick to make. Times vary for air fryers, so check on it 1 to 2 minutes early and adjust the time as necessary. These pizza pockets will be hot! Air Fryer Pizza Pocket Tips. How to make easy pizza pockets in an air fryer. Now add in a very popular food, like a calzone and suddenly this air fryer calzone pocket is the best recipe ever! How to Cook Pizza in an Air Fryer. The general process for cooking a homemade pizza in an air fryer goes something like this: Assemble pizza in the air fryer.Given how most air fryers are structured, it would be too difficult to make a pizza then transfer it into the air frying basket. These freeze very well, so you can make several of them and freeze for later. Air fryer calzone pockets are simple and great for parties, fast snacks, dinner.